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Questions &

  • Everyone can!

    This is the most common question.

    These low prices are available to everyone and in fact, the more people who shop at our supermarket, the more people we can help.

    By shopping with S-Mart, you are contributing to a circular economy and helping keep the supermarket going.

    We’re also hoping that anyone who find themselves having to use food banks have an alternative now that the Social Supermarket is open and because there is no criteria, means testing or referrals needed, there is no stigma. It’s just a normal, pleasant shopping experience with dignity.

  • No. The food is quality, fresh food well within its use by date. It will simply be surplus food that would otherwise be destroyed, wasted and thrown into landfill adding to extremely harmful greenhouse gasses.

  • We’ve partnered with our Local Authority to secure free membership for those who may find that a barrier and who are currently adversely affected by COVID19.

    We are also developing systems which will allow those in extreme poverty access to groceries in a discreet and dignified manner and the general public can purchase pay it forward memberships and vouchers.

    Ask in store for details.

  • Food banks are a great initiative and have literally been life savers for the most vulnerable but they are means tested which means you have to prove you need help, you can only access 3 days worth of food and can only get free food packs twice a month.

    Foodbanks were never supposed to be a long- term solution and they certainly were never supposed to be the norm.

    Research shows that people prefer to choose and purchase their own food and do not want hand outs.

    With our social supermarket we are creating a more sustainable model where there is choice, dignity and free from stigma making a positive impact on our local community, environment and economy.

  • If you think your community would benefit from having an S-Mart then please get in touch by emailing

    Everyone deserves to be able to access affordable food.