Forfar Store

Forfar Store

Do you worry about not having enough food?

Do you worry about all the food that is going to waste?

Would you like to be a member of the Social Supermarket?

At S-Mart your shopping will be up to half price. If you buy something in a normal shop for £1 we may only charge you 50p at S-Mart. Every month we hold a draw and you could win a hamper full of S-Mart shopping. At S-Mart we have free period products.

S-Mart is environmentally friendly. Please bring your own bags!

You can buy S-Mart Gift Vouchers for family and friends in the shop.

Find us in Forfar

25 West High Street, Forfar, DD8 1BA

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Shopping at S-Mart

To shop at S-Mart you need to be a member. You can join online or instore.

We have a range of everyday items, from fresh fruit and veg to tinned goods, cupboard staples like pasta and breakfast cereals. All the food we sell is within its use by date.

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