About us

About us

An estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste… And if food goes to the landfill and rots, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas even more potent than carbon dioxide. About 11% of all the greenhouse gas emissions that come from the food system could be reduced if we stop wasting food.

1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK

250,000 tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible

Too many people are using foodbanks in Angus, too many people struggle to afford their weekly food bill, yet fresh, fully in-date, quality food is thrown away in bulk because of faulty labelling or over-ordering by the big supermarkets.

We want to take the mountain of surplus food currently wasted in Angus each year and create a supermarket with a social impact.

Tackling food poverty by tackling food waste

Why do we want to do this?

Before COVID19, an estimated 8.4 MILLION people in the UK are struggled to get enough to eat.

That was 1 in 4 children which include households in Angus

Yet there was 1.9 million tonnes of food going to landfill every year in the UK and 2/3rds of that food was perfectly edible.

Food-banks in Angus fed 4,627 people last year (2019), 1,283 of which were children.

And it wasn’t just unemployed people suffering.

1808 people were from working households which is why the term “In-Work Poverty” became common place.

The use of foodbanks in Angus had increased by 25% over the previous year which meant food poverty was rising not decreasing.

These were the stats before COVID, as you can imagine, this have gone from bad to worse.


Foodbanks have been an absolute lifeline to people in crisis, there’s absolutely no doubt about that but they only provide a 3 day emergency food parcel accessible usually only 3 times every six months and consists of tins,  non-perishable and dry food, and you must be referred.

This means you’ve had to explain your situation to someone, you’re given food vouchers to use, which is degrading (not our words but the words of people who have gone through it) and you’re limited as to how often you can use them over a period of time.

Just imagine that for a moment, being faced with all of that in order to feed yourself and your children.

Foodbanks have saved the lives of many individuals and families but the model was never supposed to be long term and it was most definitely not supposed to be the norm.

The longer foodbanks exist and numbers using them rise in our society the more we have failed to address the issues that cause the need for them. People don’t want to go to foodbanks, they use them because they have no other choice, until now.

A social supermarket won’t solve those issues but we can help alleviate food hunger and address some of the barriers around access to food.

Choice is important to us all. People affected by food poverty have very little choice.

It’s said that we are all just one crisis away from financial difficulty but even through a crisis we still have bills to pay, we all try to keep a roof over our heads and we all need to eat. 

Well that crisis hit us all.

Our Social Supermarket offers everyone security in the knowledge that when an unexpected crisis does happen, they will always be able to eat, no matter the financial situation. An inclusive environment where there is no difference between those who can afford to shop anywhere and those who can’t.  A haven where there is no stigma, where there is choice and where there is dignity.

Those who can afford to shop anywhere will choose to use our Social model because they know that they are supporting a socially responsible mission, tackling food waste, fighting against extremely dangerous greenhouses gasses and supporting their fellow citizens as well as picking up a bargain.

Those who can’t afford to shop in mainstream supermarkets will choose the Social model because they can shop with dignity, with anonymity, without being means tested or having to prove their need.

Dignity is so important to people going through one of the toughest situations in their life.

How to Help

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We’re open to everyone and if you shop with us you’re helping keep the lights on, the door open and helping us continue supporting our community.

Make a donation:

If you are able to, make a donation. No matter how big or small, all donations go a long way to providing proof that the community believes in the project.

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One of the criterias for any applications we make for funding is to have the communities support.

Leave comments wherever you see our pilot being spoken about and promoted, shout about it everywhere – every like, share and comment makes a difference!

Commercial, Corporate Investment and Sponsorship:

We absolutely need  businesses, local tradespeople and suppliers to invest their time, expertise, equipment or materials in getting the social supermarket up and running.

Please get in touch if you would like more information, would like to help  or find out about our sponsorship packages. hello@communityfirstuk.com

Private investment and sponsorship:

You folks know how it works!

With backing from the private sector, public bodies often sit up and take notice.

Please consider how you might be able to help and get in touch hello@communityfirstuk.com

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